Intercoolers, Diverter Valves and Hoses

We can offer a range of uprated  Inter-coolers, diverter valves and boost pipe hosing to improve the flow and lower the intake temperatures and also allow the system to hold more boost over the stock items fitted as standard.

We use some of the very best in the business for these upgrades and you will have peace of mind that you have the very best fitted offering the very best results.



The high performance Forge Intercooler range has been designed and manufactured to a high spec to provide a superior product  which will provide a consistently reliable performance for any car user and for any level of tune.

As a turbo or supercharger compresses the air when driving, it gets hot very quickly. The density of the air will drop, so by cooling the air using a Forge Intercooler, the intake air entering the engine will be denser. Constructed using the highest quality materials, the intercooler therefore improves combustion and dramatically increases reliability and usability.

Intercoolers from £430.00 plus fitting

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Diverter Valves

The Forge Blow Off Valve and Dump Valve range has been specifically designed and manufactured to ensure maximum compatibility with the engine management. Suitable for many popular vehicle makes and models, quick response times and quality design and production, ensure the Forge Valves offer superior performance benefits.

On a majority of turbo-charged petrol engines, when the throttle valve closes, the engine management opens the re-circulation route around the turbo. This gives the charge air an alternative route and allows the turbocharger to keep spinning, so that when you accelerate again their isn’t any ‘lag’.

This system works well and is adopted by nearly all vehicle manufacturers; the only down side to this system is that a turbocharger produces heat. The hot air that leaves the turbo is cooled by passing it through an intercooler before it enters the engine. The cooler the air, the more power is produced.

Diverter Valves from £125.00 plus fitting

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We can offer the very best in larger intake hoses, coolant hoses and intercooler pipes. These are all designed to improve flow to enhance the performance of your engine.

The larger intake pipes are designed to work with your larger air filter allowing the increased air flow from your modified filter to enter the throttle housing without any restrictions slowing the flow down resulting in more air and fuel to mix and produce a bigger bang giving you more power. To aid with keeping the engine running at its optimum temperature the use of the silicone coolant hoses which can stand higher temps and also pressures and giving a longer life to the coolant system. The intercooler pipes are also designed to be able to hold increased air and at higher pressures allowing you to get more air through into the larger intercooler and this will result in more air cooled before going back into the system.

Coolant hose kits from £75.00 plus fitting

Intake hoses from £62.00 plus fitting

Intercooler hoses from £92.00 plus fitting

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