Brakes and Brake Lines

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle and when you start increasing the BHP of your car this can have an adverse effect on your bakes and make them less efficient, there are several options you can  look to upgrade to.

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Disc and Brake pad upgrade

These are a direct replacement to your factory fitted brake set up however these will be upgraded and offer greater breaking with less fade due to constant or heavy braking (track days)

  • Front pads and disc upgrade – POA
  • Front and Rear pads and disc upgrades – POA

4-8 Pot Calipers and Rotor upgrade

These are 4,6 or 8 pot calipers working together with oversized discs gives the system greater braking torque and greater heat capabilities. The result is a braking action that is noticeably more immediate and decisive even in normal road usage, and will give you greater confidence under the repeated loads of  hard braking and track use.

Fixed calipers are designed to give a more precise and repeatable performance and more stable brake pedal pressure under high performance driving conditions, making it possible to modulate braking force more precisely and enhancing pedal feel.

  • Front wheel upgrades – POA
  • Front and Rear upgrades – POA

Uprated Brake Lines

we can supply and fit stainless steel braided brake hoses in various colours, these not only add to your upgrades visually but will also improve your braking efficiency over stock, standard flexy brake lines can expand when they start to get old or used frequently like on track day cars so rather than holding pressure they swell resulting in poor braking and pedal feel.

Prices from £43.00 per set of 4