Wheel Refurbishment

Teaming up with one of our suppliers we are able to offer to a complete wheel refurbishment service from the following:-

  • Repairs and cracks, buckle straightening
  • Factory finish
  • Colour change
  • Diamond cut

All the wheel services we offer are carried out by specialists and will give you the look and finish you are looking for.


The process for each wheel refurbishment is as follows:-

  1. Alloy Wheel Cleaning – The tyre, valve & balance weights are removed before the wheel is placed in a chemical tank to strip the old paint from the wheel. After the wheel is rinsed clean it is then inspect for damage and any repairs or welding carried out.
  2. Alloy Powder Coating Preparation – The wheel is then placed in a shot blast cabinet to remove any contaminants & prepare the surface ready for powder coating.
  3. Alloy Powder Coating – The wheel is then placed in a specially built oven to pre heat and degas the wheel, Whilst the wheels is still at temperature the wheel is then powder coated with primer in the spraybooth, then placed back in the oven to allow the coating to flow out giving a perfectly smooth finish. Once cooled it’s back to the spraybooth for the coloured base coat and if required onto diamond cutting in the specialist lathe before being lacquered.
  4. Tyre Refitting – The tyres are refitted with new valves (where applicable) and balanced ready for fitment back on to your car.

Prices start from £55.00 (rims size and finish dependent)